Emmy award-winning creative executive known for inserting brands into cultural zeitgeist with thoughtful and strategic content.



I've built a career assembling world class teams creating content beloved by audiences and bosses alike. Long form, short form, social, podcasts, editorial, influencers, UGC. Ideally all bundled into a strategic franchise or campaign. But the social landscape is constantly evolving. That's why my policy and academic work is so important to me. It’s given me a foundation for how we understand audiences. Some of my favorites:

· My Congressional testimony on behalf of YouTube content creators helped enable video to flourish across social platforms. 

· I was a Women in Technology Fellow at New York University Tandon School of Engineering where I learned the business of entertainment, media, and technology.

·In 2020, I created the Social Media and Marketing Strategy major at Savannah College of Art and Design with the mission to educate and inspire the next generation of social creators.

I grew up in Rutherford, NJ and currently live in Los Angeles. 



Full frontal WITH

sam bee

In an industry dominated by Jimmies, Sam stood out.
My team and I made complex topics tappable. We brought Sam into millions of feeds during historic moments. The result was the largest YoY growth of any Late Night show. Our always-on content was responsive while fan-favorite franchises were recognized with a 2022 Emmy, Clio and Webby Awards for outstanding social content. 



ReFinery 29

Founding member of the Video team where I launched and scaled strategic programming and built the social video and podcast departments.

I even had the pleasure of hosting two popular series: The Ladies Room and Strong Opinions Loosely Held, the fastest growing franchise at the company reaching 3 out of 4 women on Facebook and an Apple Top 10 Podcast.

video ARTIST

When YouTube first launched, I was a part of a community of remix and mashup artists using the platform for artistic expression and pop culture experimentation. Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t see remix culture that way.

They removed our work for copyright violation and barred us from uploading. So I pivoted and made large scale oil paintings of the exact timecode YouTube flagged my mashups as a potential lawsuit. I put the canvases in thick gold frames so they’d look more like “art”. The installations have been featured in group and solo gallery shows around the world.

My favorites were The Hammer Museum, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Museum for Film & Television Berlin, Dresden Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, MIP Cube Cannes, and SxSW.

The trials and tribulations resulted in a few bright spots: My US Copyright Office testimony helped win crucial exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, setting the stage for video to dominate across social platforms and my work has been cited in academic and activist texts on the topic of free speech and fair use law.

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