I'm a 3x Emmy-nominated creative with 10+ years of experience making video and podcast franchises at the intersection of politics and popular culture.



My work has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, Forbes, Ad Week, NBC, and academic publications like The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies and Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright. I speak around the world about the importance of media commentary and political satire, most notably at MIT, Harvard Law School, and SxSW. My US Copyright Office testimony helped win crucial exemptions to the DMCA, setting the stage for video to dominate across social platforms. In 2020, I co-created the Social Media and Content Strategy major at Savannah College of Art and Design to further legitimize the field.

I currently lead the digital department at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee where my team and I achieved the highest social engagement of any Late Night show in 2020 and three Emmy nominations. Prior to Full Frontal, I was an Executive Producer at Refinery29 where I launched the company’s fastest growing franchise, reaching 3 out of 4 women on Facebook. Before working in media, I was a practicing video and appropriation artist.

With a background in media, art, and activism, I love telling big stories with a light touch for new and emerging formats, platforms, and business models.



Full frontal WITH

sam bee

I work alongside Sam and the Executive Producers to produce, develop, and manage extensions of the show across social platforms. My team of eight and I relaunched the department in 2019 and quickly increased production by 75%, achieving the highest social engagement of any Late Night show in 2020. Our original short form series garnered 3 Emmy nominations and a Webby Award



ReFinery 29

At Refinery29, I hosted the top 10 Apple Podcast, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, then adapted it into a weekly show. It became the fastest growing franchise at the company, reaching 3 out of 4 women on Facebook. It was syndicated to Facebook Watch, Amazon and Snap, won DigiDay and Webby awards, and brand partnerships with Spotify, ESPN, Lean Cuisine, and NPR. During my four years at Refinery, I also hosted The Ladies Room, a weekly celebrity-driven talk show live from the office bathroom, where all good revolutions start. My production team and I scaled social video content across the company, increasing video production by 250% and video views by 500%. I was lucky enough to launch eight other socio-cultural video series across platforms during my time there as well.

What They're Saying
"Keep doing this.
You're really good at it."
Gretchen Carlson
What They're Saying
"You're so easy to talk to."
Ibtihaj Muhammad
What They're Saying
"You look amazing.
You ask good questions."
Sarah Silverman
What They're Saying
“Don’t wear shorts
on camera again.”
My Ex

video ARTIST

When YouTube first launched, I was a part of a community of remix and mashup artists using the platform for artistic expression and pop culture experimentation. Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t see remix culture that way.

They removed our work for copyright violation and barred us from uploading. So I pivoted and made large scale oil paintings of the exact timecode YouTube flagged my mashups as a potential lawsuit. I put the canvases in thick gold frames so they’d look more like “art”. The installations have been featured in group and solo gallery shows around the world.

My favorites were The Hammer Museum, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Museum for Film & Television Berlin, Dresden Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, MIP Cube Cannes, and SxSW.

The trials and tribulations resulted in a few bright spots: My US Copyright Office testimony helped win crucial exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, setting the stage for video to dominate across social platforms and my work has been cited in academic and activist texts on the topic of free speech and fair use law.

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